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The Adventures of Bob & Betty - Stories From The Miners Bible Club Series

Join Bob and Betty as they search for gold, get caught in a snow storm, travel to England, speed towards a raging waterfall and many other exciting adventures. "The Adventures of Bob and Betty" is a compilation of stories about twins who hear the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and trust Him as their Saviour. During their adventures, important Bible doctrines are interwoven into the story. The doctrine of salvation, right division, prayer, Christian living, evangelism, and more are explained in their adventures.

Makes a great gift for children. This book can be used for individual reading, bedtime stories, youth devotions, nursing home ministries, etc. Written with grace dispensational doctrine clearly taught and with over 80 pictures for children to color.

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Authors Gary and Lynda Miller have been teaching the Bible to children and young people for over 40 years. The Bob and Betty series of adventure stories is just a part of an ongoing children's ministry of Grace Harbor Church.