Sending Grace Materials to Other Countries

--  Update from Ghana  --

Grace Harbor Church supplied 100 KJV Bibles to be given to the saints in Ghana.

From Pastor Peter

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the soon coming King of glory. I am sending to you more pictures from our recent Grace Convention 2011. In these pictures you will see smiling faces of saints who received K.J.V. Bibles at the convention. You will also see the session where we trained some of the members to use the “Saved by the Grace of God” booklets for witnessing in their various Grace Assemblies.

Thank You,

To Him Be Glory.

Peter, Ghana.

From Pastor Peter - Ghana
Thank you so very much for your deep desire to help us spread the grace message in Africa. We have a great work to do for the savior here in Africa. The devil has succeeded in blinding the eyes of the people from the Truth of the gospel, slowly but surely we are penetrating the darkest parts of Africa spreading the glorious gospel of Christ.
We hope you will continue to support us with materials to make us effective. Beside the books that I am going to list for your consideration, we will also need copies of the grace Library, a Laptop and projector. These equipments will help us in our gospel presentation and effective training of our church leaders.
We have a dream for establishing a Bible college to train church leaders from West Africa countries. We have already bought a parcel of Land to be developed. The place is to be named “Centre for Rightly dividing the word of Truth”. It will comprise of Church auditorium, Bible College, Library, residence and Administration blocks. The Library will serve as reference Library for the Bible students and lending Library for the Public who are interested to learn more about the grace message or the mystery.
We will need 500 copies of the saved by the grace of God” booklets and 100 copies each of the other booklets. We need some of the children’s study books as many as you can send. We also need copies of your new books the way of cain, the creation of men’s religion.
Like I said we are building a Library so we need at least three copies of all Pastor stam’s writings. We also need books written by grace teachers.
Passtor Peter, Ghana

Dear Pastor
 Picture from Pastor Peter, Grace Bible Church of Ghana. 
The Auditorium of Ahensan Grace Bible Church, Pastor Peter's Church

Books to stock "Center For Rightly Dividing the word of Truth"

Booklets printed in Ghana

Pastor Peter standing behind, the Laptop, projector, Library books and Booklets,provided by Grace Harbor Church

From Abigail - China

Dear Bro Miller,
It is really my pleasure to do somethings for the Lord. I feel very happpy if my translation is profitable for your church missionary there..

By the way, Bro Miller, even it will take you a little more time, I still would ask you to pardon me to have already sent them (the translation of Saved by the Grace and Rightly Dividing) to another Brother (Jimmy) in zhengzhou(at the middle part of China) to make sure the translation has no silly blinders.This brother has a lot of experience on the translation of this kind of booklets and is very willing to help to reproof my translation again after he knew they might be used at a large scale in China this year.

The following is my testimony:
I want to tell it like it is the “How to Study” booklet played a very important role in my study of the Bible and the growing up in the Lord. Actually it is the very second book bro Bob taught at Wed night after he arrived at China. But it was yet the very beginning of many members in our church here began to study “how to rightly divide the word of truth” after many many Sunday’s come to church and return to home. Before we did not know what is the so-called STUDY, even though we wanted to study the Bible very much. What we know is reading the Bible page by page and mixing all things together! What we know is the despression of the darkness and vague understanding towards the Lord in our heart and mind!But after studying this booklet, our darkened heart was lightened and finally find a wayout(for me, I am very very grateful for the change to translate it, that makes me understand it deeper). Many began to study the Bible by themselves in a right way and began to realise the importance of the Apostle Paul and his Epistles. Began to taste the honey between the line of the word of truth and began to real reading of the living Bible.

All of these are actually the very reason why I study the Bible college course with Bro Bob later---I want to know more about the Lord. No exaggeration to say, Before I was an alein of this word of truth and the life of God, but after the key of this Rightly Dividing booklet, I’ve began to enjoy and study the Bible later by myself and try to live a godly life arranging from the clothes style to the manner of talking.

On the other hand, since I realise the Bible is a living book, I’ve started to share some light of life with some sisters in our church who can not spare time to participate the Bible study. Besides, I signed a public website for our church and try to put into it more and more useful material( translation material and something excellent from other websites).

In one word , since knowing how to rightly divide the word of truth, I have more and more convition to the Lord by the increasing and deeper understanding of the Bible. Anyway I would not give up on His way cause I know as christian our life is hid in Christ!

Very glad to share this testimony with you. Pray for Bro Jimmy can pick out every mistakes in my translation to make them be helpful for more and more chinese to study the word of truth and grow up in the Lord.

[p.s.: After I receive the reproofed translation from bro Jimmy, I will send them to you as soon as possible. If it causes some unconvenience, please forgive me in the Lord.]

Salute to you all.
Thank you very much

From John - Singapore


Thanks for sending your booklets (and the Chinese version) as well;

Saved by The Grace of God
How to study the Word of Truth

May I have your permission to reprint them in China, for the benefit of our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ there.

We are a small mission team, presently serving in Hainan Island (the southern part of China). My wife and I embrace Grace messages, and we believed that Grace message is the way to win the lost to Himself, and also to victory Christian living.

By the way, please send us the following booklets:

Why the King James Bible IS the Perfect Word of God
G.A.M.E Booklets

Thank you for your time and Our Lord Bless you and your church.

By His Grace,

The saints at Grace Harbor Church and those co-laboring with us are making it possible to send sound, dispensational, Pauline, grace, KJV Bible study materials to those in other countries. Please see photos and email correspondence below.

From Pastor Patrick - Nairobi, Africa

I am sending a pic of some of those that received copies of saved by the Grace and want to book for more copies as well, the hervest indeed is plenty!

From Pastor Geofrey - Kenya, Africa

What am doing with the books I distribute them to some pastor from all the corner of the country these we work with them and am using them in the church in the bible study...I can see this will help many to come to the knowledge of grace message. Also is doing a lot to share this book with anther pastors and have introduced home bible studies. The main challenges that am recounting some they disagree and some agree and other claim that am changing the doctrine of the church others are ceasing coming in the church, others have stopped supporting in the church rent and others expenses but that will not stop me or to cease me to go ahead to teach and learn more about this sweet gospel of grace us our message of today.

From Pastor Prakash - Karnataka, India

Please send 10 Nuggets books to use in our children's ministry as we have 20 children and they can share them.